Providing Customers with Superior Service and Quality Solutions

At Fulcrum Container, LLC, we are committed to working with our clients to reduce waste. We recycle scrap and corrugated packaging material, use post-consumer recycled (PCR) material and internally generated clean plastic regrind in our production process. This, in turn, provides lean manufacturing practices and low overhead to our customers.

Responsible & Flexible Solutions

Many of our products are made with recycled materials and we continually seek and implement ways to address environmental issues in our resource management programs. All of our clean plastic regrind materials are reused and these cost savings are passed on to our customers. Our manufacturing processes maintain the highest levels of performance and reliability in the industry and we continue to look for ways to improve performance.

At Fulcrum Container, LLC, we remain competitive by using leading edge technology and cost effective manufacturing processes that maintain and enhance the value of our entire product line. When you work with us you receive these sustainability initiatives as well as contribute to the future success of our environment.